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You Are Your First Love- Timeless Tips to Boost Self Esteem

There is nothing more important than how you think or feel about yourself. It is the key that can make or break you. Unfortunately, not many people know this as the word today has an epidemic of low self-esteem. It affects almost all aspects of the human life because over time it reduces the quality of life and it can also lead to a person developing depression and anxiety at times with tragic results. You might be suffering from suffering if:

· You always indulge in negative self-talk
· You are unfairly critical of yourself
· Always comparing yourself to others
· You do not accept any compliments that about yourself
· You only focus on the negatives and ignore any accomplishments you have made among many others.

If you feel like you are one of those people who does not think highly of themselves, now is the time to reclaim your glory to enable you to stand tall and love yourself more with a few steps explained below:

· Positive affirmations
Even though it may sound silly at first, it produces excellent results after some time. Every day in the morning and before you go to bed stand before the mirror and repeat positive affirmations to yourself. Repeat anything that will make you feel like a star such as you are beautiful, successful, kind, loving, forgiving, healthy, caring and vigorous among many others. The more an individual repeats the positive self-talk, the more they will believe that they are all of those great things and the sooner they will start working towards becoming the person they were brought to this earth to be.

· Never compare yourself to others
In a bid to boost self-esteem, never compare yourself to others as this might make you feel like you are a failure where you can just crawl back into your cocoon of self-hate. Note that everyone has their strengths and all you have to do is uncover your niche, and you will be good to go.

· Celebrate the small stuff
As part of self-love, you need to remind yourself that you are a worthy human being. To celebrate the big things that are coming your way, you will also need to celebrate the small stuff. It will act as a stepping stone to bigger and better things that will open up your world to possibilities that you may never have thought of in the past.

· Surround yourself with positive people
Who are the people in your circle? Are they your biggest cheerleaders or do they look forward to your downfall? Do they hold your hand and celebrate your successes with you? If you are not surrounded by love and support, it may be the time you think about changing your inner circle. Find new people who make you feel good about yourself as they can help elevate you to greater heights.As a parting shot, you may want to take in one of these self-help quotes from Santosh Kalwah. She advises people always to be fearless, talk like pigeons, walk like lions, love like infant children and live like elephants.

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